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Welcome to the Archives
News Archive 2016
News Archive 2014
December 10th
Many congratulations to Usman and his wife on the birth of their daughter today! Both mother and baby are well and we hope they can return home to be with their family shortly. 

December 9th 
Congratulations to Ewan, Bryce, John and Usman - their paper on copper-promoted oxidation of benzothiadiazines has just been accepted for publication in Dalton Trans. Details to be posted on the publications page once its available online. 

November 13th
Group trip to Mazaars - thanks to Igor for organizing the belly-dancer which provided entertainment for all, one way or another!

November 5th
Website goes live! Constructive feedback welcome...

October 31st
Congratulations to Natalia on receiving the Peter and Beatrice Soteros Scholarship!
December 14th 2015
Congratulations to Thao Tran on successfully defending her PhD thesis.

December 10th 2015
Congratulations to Natalia Mroz (Mrs Pricop!) on successfully defending her Masters thesis! Hopefully she will be disappearing down-under in the New Year (not that we want to get rid of her!) to start her professional Pharmacy course.

December 4th 2015
Dr Rawson is recognised for his contributions to teaching at the Faculty of science Celebration of success. This year he received the Department Teaching Award for achieving the highest weighted mean teaching score based on Student Evaluations in Chemistry & Biochemistry. He also received the Roger Thibert Teaching Excellence Award for teaching in the Faculty of Science. He is pictured (left) receiving the award from the Dean of Science, Dr Macdonald.

November 18th 2015
Dr Rawson receives the Roger Thibert Award at the University of Windsor Celebration of Teaching Excellence.

November 8th 2015
Rawson group scoop prizes at the IDW! Congratulations to Mitch and Erika on receiving prizes at the 2015 Inorganic Discussion Weekend at the Royal Military College (Kingston) for their talk and poster respectively. (Photo shown, left)

October 30th 2015
Dr Rawson is selected to receive the Faculty of Science R. Thibert Teaching Award.

September 26th 2015
Congratulations to Natalia Mroz and Ionut Pricop (pictured left) on their marriage! More photos on the Gallery pages.

September 24th 2015
Great group effort! - our article on oxidative addition of tetrathiocins has been accepted in the Special Issue of Polyhedron focusing on Canadian Chemistry. Well done to Justin, Nabila, Zeinab, Yassine, Usman and John.... in no particular order.

September 21st 2015
Many congratulations to Justin Wrixon on successfully defending his Masters thesis. Justin will graduate next month.

August 19th 2015
Congratulations to Justin Wrixon and John Hayward on getting their manuscript accepted into Inorg.Chem. 

August 16th 2015
Congratulations to Delia Haynes (PhD 2002) who has ben awarded the Jan Boeyens prize. The Jan Boeyens Prize is awarded to a young South African researcher who has made a distinguished contribution to the utilization of crystallography and other structural methods in a holistic manner to investigate fundamental problems in nature...". You can find more details here.

July 9th 2015
Congratulations to Ozzie Raza (graduated 2014) who will be starting at Med School in Ottawa this Fall. 

April 30th 2015
Congratulations to Erika Haskings for winning the Dennis Tuck Award for her 410 research project. 

April 7th 2015
Congratulations to Yassine for successfully completing his Comprehensive Exam.

April 2nd 2015
Congratulations to Mitchell Nascimento on his Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Award!

April 1st 2015
Dr Rawson was awarded a Certificate for the best SET scores in undergraduate teaching (2014) in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Science Faculty Celebration of Success. 

March 30th 2015
Welcome to Nadia Fendi who is joining us for 5 months from Universite Paris Descartes where she is reading for an International Masters. Nadia will be working on redox active metal complexes bearing dithiolate ligands. 

March 19th 2015
Congratulations to Mitch Nascimento and Muhammed Harb on their NSERC USRA awards.

March 5th 2015
Its a pleasure to welcome Amira Elkhair, a PhD student from Sudan, who is joining us for a few months. Amira has interests in phosphinimine-based ligand design and coordination chemistry. Her visit is supported through a University of Alneelain travel award. We wish her a successful time in Windsor and hope the weather warms up soon!

February 24th 2015
Congratulations to Catherine, Liz and John on the publication of their paper on ketiminoboranes, published in Dalton as part of the theme collection in memory of Prof. Ken Wade FRS.  

January 9th 2015
Many congratulations to Aisha on the birth of her son Fares on 8 Jan. We wish them all happiness through 2015.

January 4th 2015
Happy New Year! And many congratulations to Justin and Steph who got engaged over the Christmas vacation.
News Archive 2015
November 30th 2016
Congratulations to Yassine for his work on the α-phase of p-NCC6F4CNSSN whichis now online as a Just Accepted Article in JACS. Thanks to Melanie at Brock and Fernando/Ana in Zaragoza for additional measurements without which this paper would not have seen the light of day,

November 18th 2016
"Faculty of Science: Celebration of Success": Dr Rawson wins the Chem/Biochem student evaluation of teaching (SET) award for 2015/16. 

November 12th 2016
Job well done! Fantastic talks at the Inorganic Discussion Weekend by Konstantina and Zeinab, coupled with great poster by Aisha. 

November 1st 2016
One from the archives! Congratulations to Rebecca, Chris and Rob; their paper "Structural Studies of Perfluoroaryldiselenadiazolyl Radicals: Insights into Dithiadiazolyl Chemistry" has been published in Inorg. Chem.

September 24th 2016
Congratulations to Tom and Thao on the arrival of their second child, Isaac.

September 7th 2016
Welcome back to Christos who rejoins the group after PDF positions with P. Kaszynski (Vanderbilt) and D. Schulz (N. Carolina).

September 5th 2016
Well done to our collaborator Raj on his publication in CrystEngComm.

August 30th 2016
Dr Rawson heads westbound for two weeks in Japan to deliver lectures at the Pre-ICMM meeting in Nagoya and the International Conference on Molecular Magnetism at Sendai in Japan.

August 17th 2016
Hooray! Congratulations to "Dr Yassine" on passing his PhD defence. Committee shown from left to right: Dr. Preuss (external examiner), Dr. Rehse (external reader), Yassine, Dr. Rawson, Dr Eichhorn (Dept reader), Dr Loeb (Dept reader), (chair).

August 10th 2016
Mitch Nascimento receives an NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Study Award to collaborate with the Bill Evans group at UC Irvine in September. Somehow the lab will be a strangely quieter place...  

August 9th 2016
Trying to get into the Olympic spirit but what is this word "medalling"? Medal is a noun not a verb... grumpy Brit will go and find something else to meddle with. 

August 5th 2016
Its a girl! Many congratulations to Yassine and Nabila on the birth of their daughter, Sarah Thileli (shown left). We wish them all well!

July 26th 2016
Congratulations to Konstantina who passed her Comprehensive exam today.

July 4th 2016
Welcome back to Dr Delia Haynes (University of Stellenbosch) who is here for a lightning visit to work on her 'last' (?) PhD thesis paper and undertake some measurments.

July 1st 2016
Congratulations to Dr Usman Anwar on his appointment as Senior Experimental Officer in X-ray crystallography at the University of Nizwa, Oman. We wish him a smooth relocation later this year but will enjoy his company for another few months! 

June 30th 2016
Oh no! John Hayward is set to return to Windsor to teach 03-59-140 as sessional instructor and course coordinator. When asked about the move Hayward said in true Arnie style: "I'll be back..."

June 20th 2016
Hmm. A difficult choice: RA Erika Haskings has to decide whether to go to Med School in Toronto or Windsor... pack your bags and go! :-) 

June 9th 2016
Congratulations to Mitch for winning the Canadian Society for Chemistry Materials Division poster prize in Halifax!

June 5 - 9th 2016
Good luck to Mitch, Zeinab, Aisha and Konstantina who are presenting posters at the CSC and particularly to Yassine who presents a talk.

June 4th 2016
Dr Rawson co-chairs the 5th Canadian Molecular Magnetism Meeting in Halifax. Great talk by the Beldjoudi! Thanks to the Faculty of Science and Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Windsor for financial support for the meeting.

May 16th 2016
Welcome to Adele Giroux and Adrian Dibiasio who join the group as undergraduate summer students.

May 14-15 2016
CEMWOQ-3 comes to Windsor! Thanks to all the group and all the other Windsor students who made the latest Crystal Engineering and Emerging Materials Workshop of Ontario and Quebec such a success! Most of the 70+ participants are shown left. Thanks particularly to our major sponsors: PROTO manufacturing, The University of Windsor and Bruker AXS for financial support. 

May 1st 2016
Dr Rawson is made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry!

April 4th 2016
Welcome to Sebastien Zeine who joins us as our latest visiting student from Universite Paris Descartes.

April 1st 2016
Seemingly not an April fool, Mitch Nascimento gains a well-deserved NSERC CGS-M Scholarship! Great news... I don't have to pay you :-)
Dr Rawson goes in disguise (left) to undertake a PhD defence in Finland - Congratulations to Aino Karhu in the Laitinen group for successfully defending her thesis! Ainho is pictured centre with her 'opponent' Dr Rawson (left) and supervisor Dr. Laitinen (right).

March 14th, 2016
Rawson group celebrating again?! What this time? Really? Again! Great dinner at Nicos.

March 11th, 2016
Hmmm... someone in the group is shortly turning 50? Wonder who that could be? Thanks to everyone who turned up to celebrate with Dr Rawson at the Rock! Not everyone has an EPR spectrum and a set of radicals on their birthday cake!

February 25th 2016
Congratulations to Usman and Konstantina for their joint paper with the Zysman-Colman group (St Andrews, UK) on emissive benzothiadiazine complexes of iridium which has just been accepted for J. Coord Chem.

February 20th 2016
Safe landings for Natalia Mroz-Pricop who commences her Pharmacy School program in Australia.

February 1st 2016
Welcome to Dr Elodie Heyer who joins us from the University of Strasbourg.​