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Current Group Members
Post-doctoral Fellows
Muhammad Usman Anwar (2012-)
MSc and MPhil (Chemistry) Islamabad, Pakistan
PhD (Inorganic Chemistry) with Prof A.K. Powell (University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
PDF (Inorganic Chemistry) with Prof L.K. Thompson (Memorial University, Newfoundland) 
Senior PDF leading the coordination chemistry of benzothiadiazine project. Expertise in  organic synthesis, coordination chemistry, single crystal X-ray diffraction and magnetochemistry.
Igor Osorio-Roman (2014-)
BSc (Environmental Chemistry) Universidad de Chile
PhD (Surface Enhanced Fluorescence) with Prof V. Vargas (Universidad de Chile)
PDF (FONDECYT, Universidad de Chile)
PDF (Surface Enhanced Raman) with Prof R. Aroca (University of Windsor, Ontario) 
I am a Senior PDF leading our films, surfaces, nanoparticles and composite materials program.  I have expertise in nanoparticles, thin film formation and characterisation (Raman, SEM and AFM microscopy techniques).
Graduate Students
Thao Tran (PhD: 2010-)
BSc Chemical Engineering (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam)
MSc Chemical Engineering (Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology, Vietnam)
My PhD focuses on the design and synthesis of heavy p-block radicals and I have expertise in air-sensitive techniques relating to p-block chemistry. In  July I gave birth to a baby girl and have just returned to the lab to complete my PhD thesis.
Yassine Beldjoudi (PhD: 2012-)
BSc Chemistry (Universite Paris Descartes, France) 
MSc Chemistry (Universite Paris Descartes, France)
Awards: University of Windsor Entrance Scholarship
My PhD focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of stable free radicals. I have particular interests in polymorphism, magnetism and photochemistry. I have expertise in thermal methods (DSC and TGA), EPR spectroscopy, single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction.
Aisha Alsaleh (PhD: 2014-)
BSc Chemistry (*****) 
MSc Chemistry (2014, University of Windsor, Ontario) with Prof. Aroca
Awards: King Abdulah of Saudi Arabia Scholarship
My PhD studies focus on the preparation and characterisation of surface-bound free radicals on surfaces, nanoparticles and films. I have expertise in thin film and nano-prticle preparation, Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy.
Konstantina Pringouri (PhD: 2014-)
BSc Chemistry (University of Patras, Greece) 2006
MSc Chemistry (University of Florida, USA) with Prof. G. Christou 2008
Awards: Ontario Trillium Scholarship
My PhD focuses on the coordination chemistry of S/N-containing heterocycles, permitting me to develop expertise in heterocyclic synthesis and exploit my knowledge of coordination chemistry. 
Natalia Mroz (MSc: 2013-)
BSc Chemistry (University of Windsor) 
Awards: Peter and Beatrice Soteros Scholarship (2014); Dr Ross Paul graduate award (2014); Centennial Gold Medal (2013) 
I am currently undertaking a Masters, focusing on exchange interactions in S/N-containing heterocycles. I have expertise in DFT methods and in my spare time I take an active role in the Polish community and curl for the University curling team.
Nabila Hamidouche (RA)
BSc Chemistry
I have just started research in the Rawson group, examining the oxidative addition reactions of tetrathiocines to low oxidation state transition metals with a view to preparing novel push-pull donor-acceptor complexes. 
Ionut Pricop
BSc Chemistry (University of Windsor)
MSc Chemistry (University of Windsor) 
Currently a lab volunteer working on benzothiadiazines whilst applying for Professional School programs. 
Undergraduate Students
Mitch Nascimento
Qualifications: BSc Chemistry (University of Windsor, 2015)
Awards: NSERC USRA (2013/2014/2015), Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2015)
I was in the Rawson group for three years as an undergraduate student on the Outstanding Scholars program (2012-2015) and undertook my 410 Honours project in the group. student. My thesis project involves the synthesis and characterisation of new polymer materials containing stable sulfur-nitrogen radicals. As well as my synthetic work, I am trained in NMR and IR spectroscopy, and I'm currently gaining hands-on experience in Raman, EPR, and UV spectroscopies alongside a range of microscopies for surface characterisation. My time at the Rawson Lab has been extremely beneficial to me as both a chemistry student and a person. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible group of people, both in the lab and the Department of Chemistry past and present, who have all contributed to my knowledge and have been impeccable friends. I am also extremely fortunate to have been able to work with Dr. Rawson, whose passion for Chemistry and education has inspired me to continue my studies in Chemistry and to never stop learning! Outside of that, Life is generally composed of travelling, coffee, and great times with great people!" You can find me on linkedIn and Researchgate.
Erika Haskings
Qualification: BSc Chemistry (University of Windsor, 2015)
Awards: Dennis Tuck Award for best undergraduate project (2015)
I was an Outstanding Scholar in the Rawson group from 2012 - 2015 and completed my currently a 410 Honours student last year in the group, examining the reactivity of thiazyl radicals as guests within porous host materials in order to examine how the host affects their reactivity. I am finishing these studies this year whilst applying for Professional School.
Tony Bourdkane
I was in the Rawson group as an Outstanding Scholar (2013) and have continued to volunteer in the group since then. I am currently in my final year and am now working on making novel tetrathiocins and examining their coordination chemistry.
Steven Kulesza
I joined the Rawson group as an Outstanding Scholar last year (2013) and am now in my final year of the Chemistry program. My research is focused on novel ligands for the formation of polynuclear complexes of transition metals and lanthanides. I undertake ligand synthesis and characterisation using IR and multinuclear NMR and am developing skills in crystallisation of metal complexes. 

Muhammed Harb
Awards: NSERC USRA (2014/2015) 
I first joined the Rawson group as an NSERC USRA (2014) and am now continuing as an Outstanding Scholar within the Rawson group.  My research project focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of new dithiazolyl radicals derived from tetrathiocins. This year I am gaining hands-on experience in NMR  and IR spectroscopies. 
Umama Jutt
I am currently in the second year of my undergraduate degree and am a volunteer with the Rawson Group. I started in the Fall 2014 semester and am still just getting my feet wet. I am looking forward to participating in a project of my own very soon! :) 

Zeinab Ahmed
Qualifications: BSc Chemistry  (University of Windsor, 2014)
I was a member of the Rawson group as an Outstanding Scholar (2011-2014) and have just begun my Masters in the Rawson group looking at the reaction chemistry of tetrathiocines to main group metals.