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Current Group Members
Graduate Students: PhD
Graduate Students: MSc
Lara Watanabe
Lara completed her undergraduate studies at Mount Allison University graduating with first class honours in chemistry and a minor in biochemistry. She joined the group in the Fall of 2017 as a graduate researcher co-supervised by Dr Rawson and Dr Macdonald. Her research is focused on a comparison of the oxidative addition chemistry of 1,2.5,6-tetrathiocins with both low valent main group and transition metals. She is proficient in air sensitive synthetic techniques (glovebox, Schlenk line, column solvent purification systems) and runs elemental analysis for all the Rawson group. In addition she is proficient in microwave synthesis, multinuclear NMR, DSC and single crystal X-ray diffraction.  You can follow her on linkedIn here.

Awards: Faculty of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarship (2017, 2019-), Larry Calvert Travel Award (2019), General Graduate Endowment Award (2019) 

Dominique Leckie
 Dominique obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in 2016 at the University of Windsor with honours Chemistry with Thesis and a minor in Psychology. As an undergrad, she gained 3 years experience in the Carmichael group working on stretchable optoelectronics and joined the Rawson group in Summer 2017 for her graduate studies. Her ongoing research involves the synthesis and characterization of dithiazolyl radicals alongside their coordination chemistry.  Dominique is proficient with air-sensitive techniques (Schlenk line, glovebox, solvent purification systems) and instrumentation such as NMR and EPR Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, and Atomic Force Microscopy. When not working in the lab, she volunteers with WIN.Chem, CHEMICONN, the Graduate Chemistry Club, and the Canadian Women-in-Chemistry Windsor Chapter among others. In her free time, Dominique enjoys being captain of the Department’s recreational co-ed softball team, playing volleyball, watching football, knitting & crocheting and traveling. You can follow Dominique on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Awards: Best oral presentation (CEMWOQ-6 2019), University of Windsor Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (2019), Peter and Beatrice Soteros Award (2019), Larry Calvert Travel Award (2019) and the A.R. And E.G. Ferris Award (2018).

Nadia Stephaniuk
​Nadia joined the group in the Fall of 2015 as an undergraduate researcher while completing her degree in Chemistry and Forensic Science. She is currently a second year MSc student.  Her work has focused on the inclusion chemistry of main group radicals in metal-organic frameworks, as well as expanding the family of thiazyl-based radical-radical cocrystals. Throughout her experience in the Rawson lab, Nadia has become proficient in air sensitive chemistry, as well as techniques such as EPR spectroscopy, microwave synthesis, glovebox and Schlenk training. she is the group expert in powder X-Ray diffraction. She has been very involved within the University community including outreach activities as well as taking roles within the Department including President of the Grad Chem Club (2017-2019). You can follow me on linkedIn here.

Awards: Best talk prize (CEMWOQ-4, 2017); outstanding poster presentation prize (CEMWOQ-6, 2019); Larry Calvert Award (2018); Faculty of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarship; Faculty of Science Ambassador Award (2018), Faculty of Science Impact Award (2019).

Jared Miller
I am working on the benzothiadiazine project including the oxidation of the S(II) derivatives to S(IV) and S(VI) and gaining hands-on experience with NMR and IR techniques.

Asli Wehelie
I have just started in the Rawson group as a volunteer making dithiadiazolyl and diselenadiazolyl radicals, working alongside Nadia. I will be looking at their cocrystal chemistry and reactivity patterns and learning how to collect and interpret EPR spectra.

Omar Zaher
I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Toronto and am undertaking a research placement this summer to gain research experience. My research project has been focused on the synthesis and reactivity of dithiazolyl (DTA) radicals in conjunction with Dominique. 
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