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Past Windsor Students
Post-Doctoral Fellows 

Dr John Hayward
BA/MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Cambridge 2010 (supervisor S.V. Ley FRS)
PDF Rawson group 2010-2013
I took a senior managerial role in the group overseeing the set-up of the lab in 2010 and provided day-to-day supervision and training of students on multiple projects. I provided support in organic synthesis and mechanistic interpretation as well as expertise in microwave-assisted reactions. After leaving the Rawson group I have been a PDF with CRC's Profs. M. Pilkington and T. Hudlicky at Brock (2013) and then returned as a PDF with Prof. Gauld at Windsor. I am currently a PDF in the Trant group at U. WindsorYou can find more details about me here. 

Dr Usman Anwar
MSc Chemistry, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan (2002)
MPhil, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan (2004)
PhD, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (Supervisor A. K. Powell, 2008)
PDF Memorial University, Newfoundland (Supervisor L.K. Thompson)
PDF Rawson group 2012- 2016.
I led the research program on benzothiadiazine coordination chemistry and developed an independent line of research in polydentate coordination complexes. I gained lots of expertise in single crystal X-ray diffraction of large polynuclear complexes while in the rawson group which helped me gain my current position as Senior Experimental Officer at the University of Nizwa (Oman).

Dr Christos Constantinides
BSc Chemistry, University of Cyprus (2003)
PhD Chemistry, University of Cambridge (2009) (supervisor J.M. Rawson)
PDF positions (P. Kaszynski, Vanderbilt; D. Shultz, North Carolina)
PDF Rawson group 2016-2017.
I have worked extensively in radical chemistry focusing on benzotriazinyl radicals with Kaszynski (Vanderbilt) and Koutentsis (Cyprus) as well as thiazyl radicals in the Rawson group and  triaryl methyl radicals with Moratti. After postdoctoral stints at Vanderbilt and N. Carolina State University, I returned to work in the Rawson group on main group radicals, bringing a range of skills in synthetic organic and main group chemistry. I subsequently secured a position as Asst. Prof. at U. Michigan (Dearborn). More information can be found here. 

Dr Igor Osorio-Roman
PhD Chemistry, U. Santiago, Chile (2007)
PDF positions (R. Aroca, Windsor; Sao Paulo State University, Brazil)
PDF Rawson group 2014-2016
While in the Rawson group I introduced expertise in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization as well as fluorescence, thin film deposition and atomic force microscopy. I was involved in two projects relating to radical-coated nanoparticles and fluorescent radicals. After completing my PDF in Canada I took up a PDF in Brazil and have recently been appointed to Asst. Prof. at the Centro de Nanotecnología Aplicada at the Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile. My Researchgate page is here.

Dr Elodie Heyer
BSc Chemistry, University of Strasbourg (2008)
MSc Chemistry, University of Strasbourg (2010)
PhD Chemistry, University of Strasbourg (2014)
PDF Positions (U. Strasbourg; Rawson U. windsor)
PDF Rawson group 2016 - 2018
On arriving in the Rawson group I took on the role of senior PDF in charge of administering the group on a day-to-day basis, providing training in all aspects of synthetic chemistry and structural characterization, as well as lab management down to repair and maintenance of equipment! I led research projects on tetrathiocin and tetraselenocin chemistry. After completing my PDF in 2018 I took up a position as Process Specialist with Angstrom Engineering. You can follow my twitter line here
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