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Past Windsor Students
Dr John Hayward
BA/MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge
PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Cambridge 2010 (supervisor S.V. Ley FRS)
PDF Rawson group 2010-2013
I took a senior managerial role in the group overseeing the set-up of the lab in 2010 and provided day-to-day supervision and training of students on multiple projects. I provided support in organic synthesis and mechanistic interpretation as well as expertise in microwave-assisted reactions. After a year as PDF with Prof. M. Pilkington at Brock (2013), I switched groups and am currently working for Prof. T. Hudlicky, also at Brock. You can find more details just here. 

Hugh Cowley
BA MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge 2011
RA Rawson Group 2011-2013
I investigated the synthesis and coordination chemistry of thiazyl radicals and their inclusion within porous materials, gaining skills in main group synthesis, EPR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and structure determination along the way. I also used my skills in EPR in collaborative projects with Macdonald (Windsor) and Stephan (Toronto) I am now a Publishing Editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn here.

Bryce Leontowicz
B.M.Sc. Biochemistry (Western, 2011)
RA Rawson Group 2011-2013
I worked on the benzothiadiazine project, developing skills in synthetic organic chemistry, coordination chemistry and crystal growth. I gained expertise in multinuclear NMR, IR and mass spectroscopies for compound characterisation. Being part of this unique team has taught me many investigative research skills which I have been able to carry forward as part of my continuing education. I am currently studying Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Adam Dunmore
Outstanding Scholar (2009 - 2013)
B.Sc. Hons with thesis (2013), University of Windsor
I worked on the synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of diazaphosphonium salts for my 410 honours project, gaining expertise in organic synthesis, main group chemistry and multinuclear NMR. I am currently studying at Med School in the Caribbean.

Jamal Mohamud
Outstanding Scholar (2009 - 2013)
B.Sc. Hons with thesis (2013, University of Windsor)
For my 410 research project I examined monomer-dimer equilibria in solution, probing the effects of solvent on dimerisation energies using variable temperature and variable concentration EPR spectroscopy. After completing my studies I moved across the border to enrol in Med School on the DO-PhD program at Michigan State University. You can find details here.

Joshua Clarke
Outstanding Scholar (2010 - 2014), NSERC USRA (2012, 2013) 
B.Sc. Hons with thesis (2014, University of Windsor)
My research in the Rawson group focused on a range of organic and organo-fluorine chemistry with a focus on supramolecular chemistry to develop a better understanding of cocrystallisation processes. In my 410 honours project I examined approaches to cocrystallise different types of sulfur-nitrogen radicals. In the summer 2014 I spent time at the University of Edinburgh preparing and testing thin films of thiazyl radicals with Dr Robertson. I am now studying for a PhD at Queens University with Prof. K. Crudden. You can find more details about what I am up to here.

Liz Mansour
Outstanding Scholar (2010 - 2014)
B.Sc. Hons with thesis (2014, University of Windsor)
As an outstanding scholar I worked on aspects on main group chemistry including the synthesis and characterisation of new S/N and B/N rings. In my 410 research project I prepared and characterised polydentate benzothiadiazine derivatives and examined their coordination chemistry. I am currently gaining work experience at a local GP surgery.

Osman Raza
Outstanding Scholar (2010-2014)
B.Sc. Hons with thesis (2014, University of Windsor)
As an outstanding scholar in the Rawson group I examined the preparation and reactivity of tetrathiociones as precursors to dithiolate complexes and as precursors to benzodithiazolyl radicals. I am currently completing a Masters in Global Health degree at McMaster and will be commencing at Medical School in Ottawa Fall 2015. More details can be found here.

Doug Pratt
B.Sc. Hons (Memorial 2013)
Visiting student through the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange program (2012)
In the summer of 2012 I joined the Rawson group as a visiting student through the ICE program and worked on the inclusion chemistry of thiazyl radicals in zeolites. I am currently reading for an Engineering degree at Memorial University.

Levy Cao
B.Sc. Hons (2014, Saskatchewan)
Visiting student through the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange Program (2013)
In the summer of 2013 I worked in the Rawson group looking at the inclusion chemistry of radicals in metal organic frameworks, gaining experience in air sensitive main group chemistry, EPR spectroscopy and powder X-ray diffraction. I am currently studying for a PhD in the Stephan group at the University of Toronto.

Henry Rui Sun
B.Sc. in progress (McGill)
Visiting student through the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange Program (2014)
In the summer of 2014 I worked on the syntheses and structures of alkoxy-functionalised free radicals, gaining experience in organic synthesis and air-sensitive main group chemistry. I am currently completing my undergraduate program at McGill.

Justin Wrixon (MSc: 2012-2015)
BSc Chemistry (University of Windsor) 
I successfully defended my Masters thesis on the chemistry of tetrathiocins as precursors to dithiadiazolyl radicals and dithiolate complexes in September 2015. I have expertise in synthetic chemistry, multinuclear NMR, IR spectroscopy, electrochemistry and X-ray crystallography. I am now working in the Quality Control Department of Jamieson Vitamins.