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The Rawson Group in Cambridge (1995 - 2010)
If you've been reading some of the older Rawson group papers you may be thinking "who are those people and where are they now?"
Alternatively, if you are one of those people and you're not on my list or my information is now out of date then send me some blurb and I can update your details... 
John J. Longridge
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Durham University 1995
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 1998
"A mechanistic investigation of synthetic routes to novel sulfur-nitrogen chains"
After my PhD I moved to Oxford to work as a PDRA with Prof. Dermot O'Hare, before changing career paths and moving into the IT industry. I am currently Principal Developer for Sage who provide business software packages for small-medium-sized firms. You can find out more on my LinkedIn site here.  
J. Nicholas B. Smith
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Durham University 1995
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 1998
"Some novel dithiadiazolyl compounds"
After completing my PhD I moved on to a PDF position with Prof. Woolins at Loughborough. After a period in industrial R'n'D I moved into consulting and I am currently working as a Project Manager for Coriolis consultants. You can find me here.
Robert J. Less
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 1996
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 1999
"Synthesis and reactivity of some diselenadiazolyls"
After completing my PhD I have worked as a post doctoral research assistant at the University of Bath and Imperial College London, and I have been working with Prof. Dominic Wright back at Cambridge since 2002  
Gordon McManus
B.Sc. (Chemistry) St Andrews University 1997
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2000
"The chemistry of some fused 1,2,3- and 1,3,2-dithiazolyl rings"
After completing my PhD I gained a position with Frost and Sullivan Consultants as a Research Analyst.    
Christopher M. Pask
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 1999
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2003
"Magneto-structural correlations of some novel sulfur-nitrogen rings"
After completing my PhD I continued as a PDRA at Cambridge then leeds Universities before moving into R'n'D work with start-up company Dyecat. I am currently Experimental Officer in Crystallography at the University of Leeds.
Delia A. Haynes
BSc (Chemistry and Genetics) University of Natal, 1998
BSc(Hons) (Molecular Genetics University of Natal, 1999
MPhil (Chemistry) Cambridge University, 2000
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University, 2002
"Structural studies on some fluorinated dithiadiazolyl radicals"
After completing my PhD I took up a PDRA position in Bill Jones' group at Cambridge, before returning to South Africa to take up a faculty position at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. I then moved to the University of Stellenbosch where I am currently Associate Professor. Irritatingly I still seem to be doing sulfur-nitrogen radicals alongside other aspects of molecular solid state chemistry. Details can be found here.
Joanna Griffiths
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2000
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2003
"Crystal Engineering for non-Linear Optics"
After completing my PhD I moved to a poition in Shell, working in various branches of the company including  lubricants and oils. I am currently VP Safety Projects and Technology. In my spare time I got married, changed my name, now have children but still got tracked down by 'the Boss'. You can find my details here.
Caroline S. Clarke
B.A. and M.Sci. (Natural Sciences) Cambridge University 2002
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2006
M.Sc. (Economic Evaluation in Health Care) City University London 2014
"Polymorphism and structural modification in some dithiadiazolyl radicals"
After completing my PhD I moved to Spain to do postdoctoral research in Valencia and then Barcelona where I improved my Spanish and learned Catalan. I then worked as a scientific/technical translator before returning to the UK to work with Prescient Healthcare Group as a proofreader, eventually becoming their Global Quality Control and Divisional Resourcing Manager. I did a part-time MSc in Health Economics while I was working there and have finally landed as a Research Associate in Health Economics at University College London, where I work in a rapidly expanding clinical trials unit (Priment CTU). In my spare time I still enjoy singing and playing football. If you're LinkedIn, you can find me here
Antonio Alberola
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Universidad de Valenica 2001
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2004
"Synthesis and physical studies on some novel sulfur-nitrogen radicals"
After an initial trip to the Rawson group as an ERASMUS student I was 'hooked'! I came back the following year on a prestigious Gates Scholarship. After completing my PhD I was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship at Homerton College and then a Research Fellowship at Universdad Jaume I back in Spain. I am currently Head of R'n'D at Resenergie S.L. 
Becky Collis
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2003
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2007
"Synthesis of 1,3,2-dithiazolyl radicals and their charge-transfer salts"
After completing my PhD I held a short-lived position with Anglian Water before moving into a career with the Royal Air Force. However, if I told you what I did I would have to kill you.... :-)
Ewan Clark
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2004
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2008
"Synthesis and chemistry of benzo-1,2,4-thiadiazines"
After my PhD I took up PDF positions at Newcastle (Izod) and then Manchester (Ingleson), gaining further expertise in main group chemistry. In 2014 I was appointed to a faculty position at the University of Kent where I am currently examining redox-active main group compounds whilst simultaneously trying to teach students some chemistry. If you have time my website is here
Catherine Bacon
B.Sc. (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2005
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2009
"Synthesis and characterisation of some thiadiazolium and related heterocycles"
After completing my PhD I landed a position at the Royal Society of Chemistry where I am currently Editorial Production Manager. If you are on LinkedIn you can find me here.
Christos Constantinides
B.Sc. (Chemistry) University of Cyprus 2003
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2013
"Synthesis and physical studies on some novel sulfur-nitrogen radicals"
After completing my PhD work, I returned to Cyprus and undertook research on benzotriazinyl radicals with Koutentis and founded eHeterocycles, specialising in the synthesis of N/O/S-rich compounds. I am currently a PDF at the University of North Carolina with David Schultz. You can find me on Reseachgate here.
Richard Thomson
M.Sci. (Chemistry) University of Cambridge 2009
PhD (Chemistry) Cambridge University 2012
"Synthesis and physical studies on some novel sulfur-nitrogen radicals"
My PhD was joint with Prof. Michael Carpenter in Earth Sciences at Cambridge and l implemented Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS) to examine a range of magnetically ordered phases. This made me ideally placed for a career in financial services (Oliver Wyman) before I moved to my current position in Brand Commercialisation for Google (whom you might have heard of). You can find me on LinkedIn here.   
Alex Whalley
M.Sc. (Chemistry) University of Manchester (1997) 
After completing my PDRA in the Rawson group, I stayed in Cambridge, moving to Abbey School where I am currently Head of Science.