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Website last updated: 11 Sept 2019.

Sept 11 2019
Many congratulations to Nadia on successfully defending her MSc thesis. Nadia is pictured centre flanked by her examination committee and chair of the defence.

June 1st 2019
Wow! A  very successful team-trip to the CEMWOQ-6 meeting in Montreal. Well done to Nadia on receiving a CQMF Outstanding Poster presentation award at CEMWOQ-6 and many congratulations to Dominique on being awarded the Crystal Growth and Design prize for Best Talk. Honorary Rawson-ite Mitch Nascimento also blagged a Poster Prize too. Thanks to Ashlee Howarth and the co-organizers at Concordia for putting together such a great program and making everything run seamlessly.

May 31st 2019
Hooray! - Congratulations ot Nathan on gaining a place at the Schulich Med school.

May 16th 2019
Well done Nathan on receiving the Society of Chemical Industry merit award for the highest GPA.

May 3rd 2019
Chem Prom! The boss receives the longest running and most prestigious Departmental Award: "The Golden Shovel" for shovelling the proverbial on behalf of the Dept.

March 15 2019
Congratulations to Yassine and Mitch on their recent manuscript "Structural, Magnetic and Optical Studies of the Polymorphic 9′-Anthracenyl Dithiadiazolyl Radical" which has just been accepted for publication in J. Amer. Chem. Soc.! 

March 14 2019
What a great day - the boss survives another year  and is taken out for a fantastic lebanese dinner at Mazaars! As a bonus thanks to the American Crystallographic Association for their generous financial support for Dominque and Lara through the Larry Calvert Travel Award program to atend the 10th Canadian Crystallography workshop in Montreal in May.

March 8 2019
Rawson group scoop prizes in the Faculty of Science Awards (2019)! Congratulations to Nadia as recipient of the 2019 Faculty of Science Student Impact Award (graduate) and to Nathan Doupnik who receives the Faculty of Science Going Above & Beyond in Research Award (undergrad)!

February 8 2019
Women in Science comes to the new CORe building! The Rawson group's very own Nadia Stephaniuk led the debate with Dr Anne McNeil (U. Michigan) about the challenges facing women in science (left).

December 19 2018
Another one for Mitch! His review article "1,2,3,5-Dithiadiazolyl Radicals" has been accepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry and provides a summary of key developments in the field of dithiadiazolyl radicals from materials science to crystal engineering and coordination chemistry.  

December 16 2018
Congratulations to Yassine and Nabila on the recent birth of their son Lyes pictured with Yassine (left).

November 13 2018
Many congratulations to Mitch on his first author paper which has just been accepted for publication in Angew.Chem (front cover). Also to co-authors Elodie, Josh, Hugh, Nadia and Antonio. A link to the accepted article can be found on the publications page. 

October 13 2018
Party all round - congrats to both "Dr Pringouri" and "Dr Alsaleh" on receiving their doctoral degrees.

October 9 2018
Hooray! Celebrations for Aisha who has successfully defended her PhD thesis.

October 3 2018
Well done to Konstantina, Usman, Nathan and Yassine on their paper on bis(benzo-thiadiazines) which has been accepted for publication in Dalton Trans.

September 18 2018
Congratulations to Konstantina on successfully defending her PhD! She is pictured left with her defence committee.

July 19 2018
Congratulations to Nathan Doupnik for being awarded best undergraduate presentation at CEMWOQ-5 in Montreal for his work on benzothiadiazines.

May 15 2018
Congratulations to Delia Haynes - arguably the last chapter of her thesis has finally seen the light of day. Watch out for the paper in Eur. J. Inorg. Chem....

April 27 2018
Code Black (left) Time to celebrate the end of term and a successful week!

April 26 2018
​Congratulations to Mitch on successfully defending his MSc thesis! Mitch is pictured right with his defence committee.

April 24 2018
Clearly its publications week - congratulations to Yassine, Mitch, Igor and Christos on their paper on the fluorescent radical, pyrenyl dithiadiazolyl and its fabrication into an OLED and its  photo-conducting materials which has been accepted for publication in JACS. Many thanks to Team Aziz at Waterloo for device fabrication and to our Core-to-Core partners in Nagoya for photo-conductivity studies.

April 23 2018
Congratulations to Konstantina and Usman on their benzothiadiazine paper being accepted into Polyhedron.

March 30 2018
Welcome to Victor Monnot who has arrived in Windsor from Universite Paris Descartes for his 5 month placement as part of his International Masters program.

March 28 2018
Well done Nadia and Usman who have both been awarded Canadian National Committee for Crystallography Travel Scholarships to attend the ACA Summer School in Notre Dame.

March 26 2018
Congratulations to Nathan Doupnik who has been awarded an NSERC USRA to work in the lab this summer on benzothiadiazines.

March 22 2018
Well done to Konstantina on a successful Departmental presentation of her research and also to Dominique on receiving the University AR and EG Ferris Award!

March 8 2018
Congratulations to Nadia for winning the Faculty of Science Student Ambassador Award.
February 20 2018
Usman's camels get the hump as inside cover for his latest paper in Dalton Trans.

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