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Website last updated: 24 Apr 2018.

April 26 2018
Hooray...Mitch is leaving us :-( 
Seriously... many congratulations on a successful MSc defence!

April 24 2018
Clearly its publications week - congratulations to Yassine, Mitch, Igor and Christos on their paper on the fluorescent radical, pyrenyl dithiadiazolyl and its fabrication into an OLED and its  photo-conducting materials which has been accepted for publication in JACS. Many thanks to Team Aziz at Waterloo for device fabrication and to our Core-to-Core partners in Nagoya for photo-conductivity studies.

April 23 2018
Congratulations to Konstantina and Usman on their benzothiadiazine paper being accepted into Polyhedron.

March 30 2018
Welcome to Victor Monnot who has arrived in Windsor from Universite Paris Descartes for his 5 month placement as part of his International Masters program.

March 28 2018
Well done Nadia and Usman who have both been awarded Canadian National Committee for Crystallography Travel Scholarships to attend the ACA Summer School in Notre Dame.

March 26 2018
Congratulations to Nathan Doupnik who has been awarded an NSERC USRA to work in the lab this summer on benzothiadiazines.

March 22 2018
Well done to Konstantina on a successful Departmental presentation of her research and also to Dominique on receiving the University AR and EG Ferris Award!

March 8 2018
Congratulations to Nadia for winning the Faculty of Science Student Ambassador Award.
February 20 2018
Usman's camels get the hump as inside cover for his latest paper in Dalton Trans.

December 20 2017
Great news for Usman - his latest paper has been accepted for publication in Dalton Trans.

November 17 2017
Congratulations to Yassine, 'Henry' Rui Sun and Rob Less on their "Just Accepted Manuscript" in Crystal Growth & Design - their studies investigate reversible and irreversible changes in the structure of EtOC6F4CNSSN which reveals complex phase transition behaviour associated with rotations of the radical ring. 

October 12 2017
Congratulations to Zeinab Ahmed who successfully defended her MSc thesis this afternoon!

October 11 2017
Back by popular demand - Cammag is available for download for magnetic modelling. Currently supported for Windows platforms up to Windows 7 Professional including 64 bit.

August 11th 2017
What a fantastic week for Yassine Beldjoudi! Having just been offered a prestigious Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship to work with Prof. Awaga in Nagoya (Japan), Dr Beldjoudi was forced to turn it down in order to take up a PDF position with Nobel prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern! While visiting their facilities Yassine took the opportunity to get himself snapped with the 2016 Nobel Prize winner (left). ​

July 21st 2017
Congratulations to Thao on her paper in CrystEngComm on dithia-arsoles and related systems which provided an opportunity to promote the three-legged ('triskelion') emblem which simultaneously resembles one of Thao's molecules and the flag of the Isle of Man, Dr Rawson's homeland.

July 19th 2017
Welcome to Domenique Leckie who joins the group as a grad student.

June 30th 2017
Dr Rawson's review article with Dr Emma Gavey "Magnetic Measurements" has now been published in Volume 2 of Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry II (Eds. J. Atwood, G.W. Gokel and L. Barbour).

June 20th 2017
​Dr Rawson is in the Daily News for winning the University Alumni Award for Distinguished contributions to University Teaching.

May 26 - 28 2017​
Many congratulations to the Rawson group for scooping prizes at the Crystal Engineering and Emerging Materials Workshop of Ontario and Quebec (CEMWOQ-4); best talk prize for Nadia Stephaniuk and best poster prize to Mitch Nascimento. Thanks to Louise Dawe and Ken Maly at Wilfred-Laurier for organizing a fantastic meeting.

May 12th 2017​
The first results of our collaborative project with the Macdonald group on the oxidative addition of tetrathiocins to low valent Main Group elements has just been published. Look out for it in the CSC Theme edition of Dalton Trans celebrating 100 years of Canadian Chemistry. Steph's imagery has been accepted for artwork for the inside cover!

May 4th 2017
The University announces Dr Rawson as the winnner of the University Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching. He particularly thanks all students, both past and present, graduate and undergraduate, who supported his nomination. For the last few years Dr Rawson has been teaching the first year Gen Chem II class alongside his course on Free Radicals in Chemistry and Biology and supporting many graduate and undergraduate students in his group at Windsor.

April 28th 2017
Despite Mitch's absence through much of the year (on holiday at UC Irvine in the Evans group), he manages to win the 2017 Golden Shovel for shovelling...err, well... just shovelling and we'll leave it at that! Pictured (left) at Chem Prom with Head of Dept, Dr Mutus who is sprouting a light out of his head (is this to make him a little brighter?).
April 17th 2017
Congratulations to grad student Konstantina Pringouri on receiving a $300 scholarship to attend the ACA summer school at Northwestern University.

April 5th 2017
Congratulations to Zeinab Ahmed and Mitch Nascimento on their Science Faculty student awards; Zeinab (left) won the Leadership Excellence Award while Mitch Nascimento is photographed (right) receiving the Award for going "Above and Beyond" in research from Associate Dean of Science, Chuck Macdonald. Their success was covered in the Daily News.

​​April 3rd 2017
Welcome to Ines Taarit who joins us on a lab placement from Universite Paris Descartes. 

March 20th 2017​
Congratulations to Christos and Yassine on the publication of their paper in Cryst.Growth.Design in which they use a variety of halogens to modify the crystal packing in dithiadiazolyl radicals and observe excited state triplet configurations and evidence for breakdown of the classical pi-pi dimer on warming.​

March 6th 2017
Congratulations to Yassine for getting his artwork accepted for the inside cover of J.Mater. Chem.C. Maintaining a space theme the blue color of the black hole reflects the blue emission of the title radical.

February 9th 2017​
Yassine, Igor and Mitch make light work of research! Their work on fluorescent radicals has just been published online in J.Mater.Chem.C.

February 6th 2017
Usman gets inside cover for his paper in Dalton Trans. What a star! [Actually a whole bunch of stars as Orion's belt is used to reflect his trimetallic copper complex]

January 30th 2017
well done Usman!  His work on a novel polydentate ligand which has been accepted for publication in Dalton Trans.

January 21st 2017
Many congratulations to Christos Constantinides who has just been offered a position as Assistant Prof. at the University of Michigan (Dearborn), starting Fall 2017.
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